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Wednesday, 6 July 2011

Social Media Pet Peeves

I have been on social media long enough to get irritated by the way some people communicate on it. Also, I am sure ever since the popularity rise of Facebook has been noted, there must definitely be articles written about social media etiquette (yes people, it is etiquette, not etiquettes). Now, I am no certified Social Media expert, but just a common Facebook user and this is my list of what bothers me about some people’s style of using Facebook:
Peeve no. 1: People logging off as soon as you ping them.
Sure, their internet connection is shaky and that’s why they logged off without their own knowledge. Sometimes it is even true, but most of the times it’s not. So the next time when someone you are not in the mood to talk to pings you, don’t log off, talk to them and gently convey your inability to talk to them at the moment. Maybe you could catch up later. Remember, not only logging off like that is rude, but also it is cowardly.

Peeve no. 2: People answering the question you asked in a chain other than where you posted your question.
Get what I mean? It is like you asking a question to your group of friends on the current situation of cricket in India only to have one of them answer it out of random while discussing the story of Pavitra Rishta and that too, abruptly after a week. Can you imagine what that feels like? Irritating, in my opinion. What to do? If you have something to say, take the time to look for that post and comment accordingly. Obviously what you want to say is important, so don’t diminish its importance by goofing up like that.

Peeve no 3: People not bothering to fix the orientation of the photos they have uploaded.
You went out with your family to a beautiful place and there, you went crazy with the camera. You want to share your photos with your friends, so what do you do? You upload your photos in Facebook (read as, any photo-sharing website) as you clicked them. Just select the lot and click Upload. Great, now your photos are up for everyone to see. You are happy about and you get up from your seat thinking your work’s done here. Stop! Stop right there! Think again. Is your work really done? Are your photos really going to be enjoyed by your friends. Chances are, your friends are now cursing you because they are having to crane their necks right and left to see who actually is posing in that photo. So the next time you upload photos in any photo-sharing website, take the time to fix the orientation of the photos to make them viewable. It doesn’t take much time, and it definitely does justice to your sentiment of sharing your memories with your friends.

Well currently, these are my top 3 social media pet peeves. I think these are the small things that, if paid attention to, make your and your friends’ social media experience more pleasurable and less frustrating.

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