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Thursday, 16 June 2011

Flavour of the Season - Castle

After gushing on and on about Harry Potter, my near and dear ones have probably been wondering "when is she going to move on from this obsession." Well, you got it people, I have moved on from Harry Potter - not completely, no - but yes, a new obsession has gripped me. It came to me when I chanced upon a thriller series one night where they showed this suave dude spinning off weird theories to a group of detectives to solve a murder. Some careful listening and watching unravelled the mystery of this strange phenomenon (I mean, you tell me, why would a normal citizen take time out to solve crimes with the city police and most of all, why would the city police spare time and energy listening to him). And I was hooked. Still am.

Well, if you haven't yet got what I am talking about, you are losing out on a some major television excitement in life. I am talking about the currently-on-break thriller drama series, Castle.

This is a story of a suave famous author, Richard Castle (Nathan Fillion - living example of men looking better as they age), who has just finished releasing the last book of his series by killing the main protagonist, Derrick Storm because he was "bored" of it. Caught between his huge writer's block and threats from his publisher ex-wife to write more, he is confused on what to do next when he is arrested by a very attractive NYPD detective Kate Beckett (Stana Katic) who is solving a spate of murders being committed by using ideas from Castle novels.

When he offers to help the police department, Kate reluctantly agrees. It is while solving this murder case when Castle is struck with inspiration for a new character, a smart and 'hot' female detective Nikki Heat. Using his contacts with the mayor of NY, he manages to worm his way into Kate Beckett's team to conduct character research, to Kate Beckett's extreme exasperation. However, with time, Castle relationship with Beckett evolves from nosy writer to plucky sidekick to partner. His wild imaginative theories as a writer help the team solve many cases which would have been otherwise unsolved. Something about Castle makes Beckett confide into him about why she became a cop - to solve her mother's murder and avenge it. Events in the story bring Beckett close to Castle's closest family, his smart and mature-beyond-years daughter Alexis (Molly Quinn) and his aspiring actress mother Martha (Susan Sullivan).

This thriller drama series is produced by ABC Studios, has completed three successful seasons so far, and has been approved for the fourth season (Yippee!!)

(Next post: Intro to the NYPD Dream Team: Beckett, Castle, Esposito, Ryan, Capt Montgomery, and Doc Parish. My notes on why I love each of them)

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