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Wednesday, 8 June 2011

Life after Farmville, CityVille, and the Whole Lot of Games

Hmmm…. It’s been some time having quit these games after a lot of Should I? Should I not? After all, I had clung to these games for the longest time and there was a period when it was I did. I fought my way through the major levels and was really making a breakthrough. In fact, in Café World, I was the leading player at Level 45.

Sure there is a lot to learn from these games. The most important thing I learnt from these games is Planning. Building a city takes some planning and yeah, it is much more easier in Flash than in reality (because it is sure as easy to move a house from one corner of the city to another, as it is difficult to do it in reality). Managing a farm takes a lot of planning – when do buy a tractor, when to spend the Farm Cash, where to place the trees, how to place the plots, what seeds to plant etc etc (some points are definitely what a farmer considers when planning a harvest). Managing a restaurant when you have a coffee machine and drink bar sucking up all your energy – again some major planning like what to cook, how many stoves to occupy, coffee or drinks, how to keep your customers coming to your café. So that involves some business sense.

Of course, I am definitely aware of the fact that all this is much easier done in a virtual world than in the real world. Nonetheless, knowledge is knowledge and you never know where what may be useful.

So what made me give it all up? Boredom and monotony. Not to mention, lack of time to dedicate to the games. You see all these games have the same method of playing. You have a farm/café/city of which you are the boss. What spices up the whole gaming procedure is the introduction of goals. Complete the goals and you get some rewards (coins, a new decoration, a new ability, and so on and so forth). The biggest reason of all would be the irritating feature in these three games which makes you quite dependent on your “friends” for completing certain goals. Ugh…. You know, “game making people”, not everyone has active neighbors and would still like to play the games. I got really tired of waiting for an input from neighbors, and finally I gave up.

Life after giving up the games, to my surprise, is tad more relaxed than I expected it to be. After a giving it a lot of thought as to why that might be, I have realized that it is because I am no longer under pressure to log on to the game to get my everyday reward, which gets juicier the longer you keep up the streak. And once I would log on, I would be glued to it (“Let me just finish this”, “Oh just one more level”). This also came with a sense of guilt that I am probably glued on to the game longer than I am supposed to. Now I am free from the sense of guilt.

So, all in all, I am glad I took this much needed break from these online games to devote that time to much important things like Work and Family.

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