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Monday, 6 October 2008

Recapitulation... II

I just remembered a few things more, so I thought to write a part 2 for this post.

1. I read One Night @ Call Center just because I was intrigued as to what could be in that book that led to the creation of the film. It is good book. What I like about Chetan Bhagat's style is the beautiful way he writes the guy's line of thought.
2. I just realised I am really excited about watching the film mentioned in the above point. For some reason, I realised that what I am eager to see is Sharman Joshi and I didn't even know that I totally adore that actor. I think he plays Shyam (spoiler warning), the protagonist of the book.

Ok. That's it. I think I don't remember anything else. In case I do, it will be put in as an independant post. Meanwhile, consider yourself tagged by this post.

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