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Friday, 3 October 2008


Oh my my. It has been a looooooooong time on the blogger. Trust me, there is so much to tell and as usual, some things are hurriedly escaping my mind. So let me capture all the events since the last time I blogged, into a list (in no special order of preference):

1. The month of Shravan came and went. And behold the festive season in Mumbai. It seems like just yesterday that Ganesh Chaturthi ended and the streets of Mumbai had calmed down, that now Navratri season has begun. The streets are busy again. Not to mention Eid.
BTW, Belated Eid Mubarak!
2. We sold our desktop PC. Whatever price we got, it cannot be more valuable than the space we have emptied in our home.
3. We finally convinced our landlady to empty our home of some old furniture. So Yay!!!
4. About movies, yes, I have watched quite a few movies lately. To name a few, A Wednesday, Blossoms in the Dust (an old classic movie, which I am bursting to talk about. Watch this space), Kung Fu Panda.
5. Hmmm... what else... what else... Diwali is coming up... of course, you know that.
6. Oh yeah, sometime back, I lost my way in the city as I boarded the wrong bus. I was not very worried, but I was just wondering where to get off so that I can reach my actual destination with least discomfort. Then I met this old lady who must have thought that I have panicked. Now this lady made sure that I got to the right destination. How? She practically held my hand and led me to the place where I was to go. We spoke as we went to the place and when we parted, I gave her a heartfelt thanks when I actually wanted to give her a hug. I hope she got what I meant with that Thanks. It's such incidents that make me feel warm in the inside and remind me that the everything is not lost in us. Angels are still here.
7. We bought a laptop. Lenovo. Don't ask me the details, I don't know which ones to tell.
8. Lately I have been exploring Youtube. I have found some great videos of Friends, The Hogan Family. Basically it started with looking for some videos of the Comedy Circus (season 2), mostly the gags by Shakeel Siddiqui.

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  1. Yay! Good movies for one... and I'm glad you've finally entered the sacred space of Youtube!