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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Kal Ho Na Ho... Second Edition

Try singing this in the Kal Ho Na Ho title song stanza tune:

Aaj to hai ye doori, waqt ki hai majboori
Mann ke bandhan rehte hai kaayam
Dooriyon se kya darna hai
Ab jo milo khulke milo
Phir milna, kal ho na ho....

(Today there are distances between us and it is a folly of time,
but bonds that tie the hearts together do not fade with distances,
So why fear them
Now when we meet, let us meet with a new vigour in our hearts,
What's to say we may never meet again in tomorrow)

I seriously believe in this... and this is an original parody. :) Sounds ironical, I know.

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  1. Well, Im not that Nithya :) I am Satya's friend though...Am working with Sun at Bangalore.

    Well, good to know you.

    And regarding your post!! I did watch Kal HO Na HO but with a translator around :) . My hindi is pathetically bad :(. So would read and comment on your other posts!!

    Thanks again for your good comments. Good to have known you:)