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Tuesday, 8 May 2007

Can someone please answer these questions:

  • Is it so difficult to keep in touch?
  • What could possibly be someone's reason for not answering your message or keeping a call commitment even when they have nothing to do?
  • Is it just me who is mad enough to keep in touch in spite of looming deadlines?

Let me answer the last one. Yes, I am probably the maddest person. Now I can, with a flourish of victory, fill up the Pet Peeves field of any slam book as People not keeping in touch. Worse yet, not helping you when you want to keep in touch by not answering your messages/calls.

I mean, do people think that I am a jobless person who has come up with a rare disease of taking out time for saying a hello? Is it so difficult to even return the hello? Are you people scared that I am going to chatter on and on about my sad stories after receiving an answer from you? Well I am sorry for that. I am sorry I believe that sharing joys doubles them and sharing sorrows halves them. I was so wrong.

Maybe I should just give up.


  1. hey Deepti!!
    you seem to have caught my disease of lamenting about how people seem too busy to even call back when you leave a message :(..i think even i have done it sometimes, though un-intentionally..and seriusly sometimes i feel i am the only jobless person around..
    hey i added your link to my blog page :)

  2. Hey Deepti,

    Firstly, let me thank you for your sincere comments about my blog posts :). Well, ahve we met before, pls excuse me for my rather elephantine memory :)

    And dont give up dear..You never know how many peoples' days you brighten up with jsut a Hi or a phone call or a warm smile :)

  3. Well... I must say that it is very easy not to keep in touch. And anyone can do it.

    I mean... I used to be the kind of person who would try and keep in touch with such regularity that it became irritating to some people.

    However over the years, I learnt my lessons... and now I stay in touch only on a need-to basis. Meaning... I stay in touch with only those people who can actually afford to stay back in touch.

    Works well for me... no heart-aches... no embarrassing situations... no nervous breakdowns... just plain happy me! :D

    It is my guess that it is only a matter of time that every sensitive person realizes this. Though there are always a few unfortunate souls who live their entire lives carrying the grudge.

    But don't you worry... I don't think you would be one of those... as the fact that you realize and analyse the situation so very well... is proof that you have taken the first step towards staying happy in a tough and mean world!

  4. hey
    i like your heartfelt lament. i have no time for those who have no time for me. thats the policy that works best, for me that is. and thanks for coming by the blog. please do keep reading.