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Tuesday, 26 June 2007

These are a few of my favourite things...

My friend recently posted a blog, The Importance of Being Earnest, on a few of her favourite things. Being a technical writer that I am, I cannot help but organize it into categories (I'd say, occupational hazard)


  • The smell of a new book.
  • Clean babies... ;)
  • Soil after the first rain shower.


  • The sight of a one single ray of light fighting through the clouds to spread the light.

  • Seeing a guy in love... People always talk about glow on the face of a girl in love. But I think the glow on the face of a guy in love is a sight worth a watch.
  • Speaking of which, watching a guy blush.
  • Dads tending to babies. There is something very cute about a guy holding a baby in his arms.
  • Watching someone sleep... I think people look absolutely adorable and innocent when they are asleep.


  • Someone acknowledging that they called you just because there were thinking about you. In other words, someone acknowledging the fact that you are in their thoughts.
  • Overhearing someone talking something nice about you.
  • Thoughtful Gesture. "I know this is what you like, so I thought to do it."
  • Doing something thoughtful for an absolute stranger around and getting back a grateful smile.
  • Holding a baby close to your heart (Makes me think "Awww.... I want one..not now, but yeah...I want one")


  • Child laughing uninihibited

I'll add more as they come to me...