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Friday, 6 November 2009

It's Time To Take These Ads Seriously

Seen the latest ads of Hindustan Times? Aren't they just wonderful? The most amazing plots, and important lessons to learn from. The trend anyway today is really good ads with good stories and messages.

To summarise, here are a few plots and the messages they carry.

1. Man and pregnant wife stop to pray at a temple, where the man is praying to God, "Oh God! Let it be a son this time! Please please!" Priest walking out of the temple hears and whacks him with a bundle of HT* newspaper.

Message: It is time to stop indiscrimination.

2. Traffic has stopped at a railway crossing, but a man is adamant on crossing the tracks irrespective of the risk. Girl in the neighboring two-wheeler alights her vehicle and whacks him with HT.

Message: It is time to use your head.\

3. A boy is serving tea to to girls at a tea stall, where his employer is cursing him away to glory on how lazy the boy is. A girl hands over the HT to the boy, who goes and whacks him with the newspaper, eventually shutting him up and causing the girls to laugh.

Message: It is time to stop child labour.

4. Four people are enclosed in an elevator, when one of them starts coughing. Another one immediately puts on a face mask. The third person whacks him with a HT.

Message: It is time to stop being paranoid.

5. Few young people are looking at and appreciating the Bandra-Worli Sea Link. One of them comments cynically, "This is nothing! China took lesser time than this to buid a bridge longer than this." Friend whacks him with an HT.

Message: It is time to stop being cynical.

6. TV reporter, rather insensitively, interrogates a woman who has just lost her husband to fake medicines. Cameraman whacks the reporter with an HT.

Message: It is time for better journalism.

7. Two guys are sitting at a cafe when one of them spots a gay couple cozying up with one another and sniggers at and mocks them. Friend whacks him with an HT.

Message: It is time to open our minds.

*HT=Hindustan Times

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