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Thursday, 5 November 2009

CID - My Latest Obsession

I have been watching this serial forever now and more frequently now. So I thought to share some thoughts on this program. CID was, and has always been, one of the most popular running crime series. I still watch it whenever I have time (I have lots of time). CID has the very famous team, ACP Pradyuman (Shivaji Satam) and his two kinsmen - Abhijeet (Aditya Srivastav) and Daya (Dayanand Shetty). They all have a history together and the latter two are almost like sons to ACP Pradyuman. His most brilliant officers. The only time he didn't have these officers at this side was in the CID Special Bureau season. During this season, he had a batch of officers specialising in various areas of crime investigation such as forensics, ballistics, criminal pyschology and so on. This team mostly functioned around solving cold case files that came to them through some or the other personal ties that the team member(s) shared with the victim's families.

What interests me in this program are the cases. I must give it to them. They have some of the most interesting cases. Although, sometimes it seems like something was just cooked up for the sake of keeping the serial going, but then this is me, and I like the cases.

But what let me down are the procedures that are followed in the duration of the cases. Some of the points that I see deviating from the land of believable event are:

- There is at least one person in the general public who happens to possess the personal phone numbers of the CID officers. Whereas, as far as I know, first any crime scene should be handled by the local law enforcement that is the Police. In the police’s defense, Mumbai police is one of the best law enforcement forces.

- The equipment in the forensic lab of the CID is next to magical. They make weird noises and are huge 1950-sque.

- The interrogation techniques. As far as common sense goes, a officer is not supposed to discuss evidence, suspects or any other investigation procedure in the presence of another suspects. The only interrogation technique that these officers seem to know is Intimidation. What happened to the age old technique called Good Cop/Bad Cop or even other subtleties? Try any.

- No matter how interesting the case is, the motive is same. I wish the CID Production team made some more episodes about some other motives - Psychopathic killers are also welcome ;)

An interesting outlook into the CID team are the interpersonal relationships between the members. Some that interest me are:

- The paternal affection that ACP showers on his two pet officers, Abhijeet and Daya, in unguarded moments.

- The irritation that ACP displays towards Officer Fredericks, but also believes that it is Officer Fredericks whose prayers are answered when any officers’ lives are in danger.

- The playful relationship between Officers Fredericks and Vivek, where Fredericks always wants to prove his seniority to Vivek, and Vivek, knowing it, playfully teases him.

- The fraternal chemistry that Officers Daya and Abhijeet share, when they understand each other without exchange of words.

- The sometimes playful and sometimes serious confrontation between ACP Pradyuman and Dr. Salunke.

One point to notice is that the ACP is very intolerant of any near romantic relationships between the male and female officers. He also seems to have an awkward relationship with all the female officers in his team, except maybe Dr Anjalika (once a forensic doctor in the team, played by Mona Ambegaonkar) and Officer Muskaan (one of the most recent additions to the team along with Officer Vivek, played by Alka Verma).

There is only one thing I wish to see is how Abhijeet and Daya joined the team and their beginning days.

Coming up next. Character Intros of the CID team members. Something I have been itching to do for some time now. Keep watching this space.

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