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Saturday, 1 August 2009

Aajkal Tere Mere Love Ke Charche

Recently I had the pleasure of watching a movie on a First Day, and since his opportunity had come after a long time, I was very excited.

Another film from Imtiaz Ali. The same guy who gave us fresh film like Jab We Met. Imtiaz Ali has come up with this new film Love Aaj Kal, a love story of yesterday and today. A wonderful concept, in my opinion.

The film Love Aaj Kal compares the mindset of the youth in the yesteryears (70s) and the current times, when it comes to romance. It describes how the innocent youngsters of the yesteryears relied wholly on their heart and instinct when it came to the matters of the heart; and how the highly informed and career-driven GenX are equally ignorant and do the mistake of using their head when it comes to love.

Jai (Saif Ali Khan) and Meera (Deepika Padukone) are hip youngsters who are a q"together" for a long time but still do not identify themselves as a couple. So much that they willingly break up when it is time for them to pursue their individual careers as architect and restoration artist respectively; where Deepika leaves London to continue her career in Delhi. A chance conversation with the coffee shop owner Veer Singh (Rishi Kapoor) introduces Jai to the world of romance. Soon Jai finds solace in Veer's narration of his own love story. A lot of angst and heartbreaks later, Jai and Meera realise that they are soulmates and live happily ever after.

The main con of this film is that it takes some time to get into the mood of the film. But the advantage of the film is the fresh look and innovative dialogues. The shifts between the modern age and the 70s are smooth. Saif Ali Khan plays both the roles of Jai and Veer (that is young Rishi Kapoor) very well. Also, Rishi Kapoor's narration of his own love story has been managed so well, that till the end you are left thinking, "Was his love story a failure or a success? Is he advising Jai because he doesn't want Jai to make the same mistakes as he did in young age? Or is he advising Jai because he knows what to do to make his love story a success?" But the end is very pleasant. Actually, if anything, you find that you like Rishi Kapoor's love story more than Saif's and this discovery leaves you wondering where are those simple days of romance.

Coming to the music, it is very refreshing. I loved all the songs but my favourite is Dooriyan. Aaj Din Chadheyan is also a soulful track with amazing lyrics. The rest are all peppy songs like Chor Bazari and Twist. I must say that this film does create history in a way. Never must you have ever heard a song where the characters are celebrating their break up and the fact that how well they have moved on, by bringing in a song like Chor Bazari.

It was a great experience watching the film. I will give one credit to the film, it inspired my watch-a-movie-only-once husband wants to watch it again. ::Keeping my fingers crossed::

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