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Thursday, 4 June 2009

One of Favourite Things

I've been on a Marathi soap high lately and I must say I do enjoy them a lot. The most enjoyable part of these serials is their title songs.

Here is one, my most favourite. The title song of the serial, Kulvadhu:

"Majhi doli chalali ga, door deshi navya gava,
tithe sobati la yeyi majhya sapnancha rava,
tithlya chaukhatit shodhin majhe nave-se abhal
tithle oon paus bhartil majhi onjhal

swapna aahe maage aata vyatha satat urat
navya umbrya chi aas, jaage tarihi manat
ek nadi sarkhi vahate mi janu
paaul punha thevun maage chalale mi - kulvadhu.

Rough translation:

There goes my wedding palanquin, to a new country, a new place
And with me is the man of my dreams,
In that courtyard I will look for a new sky for me
and fill my hands with the new sunshine and rain.

With the dreams behind me, I carry a sadness in my heart,
But still I constantly yearn for a new home
It's like I am flowing like a river,
With a step behind, I move ahead as a the bride of the family.

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