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Monday, 7 July 2008

I Am...

I am: re-posting this from LJ
I think: too much, according to the Mister and that is why I am not putting on any weight.
I know: I think too much
I want:
to recreate the Hum Saath Saath Hain family dynamics in my family.
I have:
to get to work as soon as I finish this tag!
I wish:
I could speak my mind to the best of my friends and tell them how pissed I am at them
I hate: being able to see both the sides of a case; thinking less of myself
I miss: Bangalore
I fear:
losing my loved ones
I hear: my colleague speaking on the phone and a song playing in the background
I smell: nothing as of now
I crave:
for chocolate ice cream
I search: solace and haven't found any yet
I wonder: why I have no girl friends as of yet
I regret: nothing
I love: everything. There are few things I don't love
I care:
even for the people who don't care for me
I am not: an angel yet, and I don't want to be.
I believe: that Love turns the world around.
I dance:
to all the tunes that make me dance
I sing: never!!
I cry: in every movie I see and for no reason at times.
I don’t always: shout at people.
I fight: calmly and in a very sarcastic manner, when I am truly fed up of the situation
I write: for my living
I win: a heart every now and then
I lose: a friend due to my own mistakes
I never:
smoke or drink... for the lack of a better answer
I always: talk about Harry Potter to my Mister
I confuse: nothing with nothing
I listen: to any music that appeals to my mood at a particular time
I can usually be found:
on the Internet, tweaking my facebook profile
I am scared:
of dogs
I need:
the people I have lost contact with back in my life
I am happy about: what I have now


  1. Yay! I get to comment :D!

    Some I could guess... some were interesting... some total knock-outs... Heh!

  2. Where's the movie review?!

  3. Click the Movies label in my blog and you'll see.

  4. Interesting!
    By the way, if you want ebooks you can visit www.gutenberg.org .If you email them, they'll even send you a DVD full of ebooks. I am not kidding, I swear.

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