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Monday, 2 April 2007

Idhar Udhar ki Baatein

Uuuuuup and Dooooown...Uuuup and Dooooown....

This is the current condition of my mind as I am going through a huge roller coaster of emotions. (and to think I used love roller coaster rides...) This roller coaster is responsible for keeping away from this blog. You see, I have had no time to think. To sit down and think. Decide the course of my life and... my heart. To decide what I want to keep and what do I want to let go of. (Not like now I have an absolutely sharp idea of what I want, but I think I have groped enough in dark). It gets harder and harder to focus on what makes you happy when all you want to do is first clear your vision of the tears in your eyes. Makes sense? To me, it does.

People change and, without your knowledge, so do you, along with them. For better or for worse, that's for time to decide.

Hmmmm...(sighing) Looks like cribbing is something I have been doing for a pretty long time and I must say, unfortunately, I am getting good at it. So let's take a break and look at some random thoughts that have crossed my mind in the past few weeks:

  • Kangana Ranaut looks really relaxed in the song "Thaare Vaaste" from Shaka Laka Boom Boom. As if she has just come out of a long illness. And the straight hair? Just awesome.
  • Doesn't the song "Ey Gori" from Delhi Heights remind you of "Rang Barse"? I know it is a very poor comparison. But think about it. Man flirting with someone else's wife. Holi. The same reference to the general idea "Forget about your husband and come have fun with me." Scandalous I know.
  • Abracadabra is NOT the Hindi Version of Harry Potter. Puhleeeeease! You might be better off watching the dubbed version of the original Harry Potter movies ("Harry Potter aur Rahasyamayi Taykhana".... for people who are blank, I mean "Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets")

Well, I am running out of random thoughts to pen. This is the condition of my attention span nowadays. Worse than a three-year-old's. :(

Anyway, that's a lot of cribbing, I guess.

Till next time, Ciao!!!!

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  1. "Harry Potter aur Rahasyamayi Taykhana"
    Hee hee hee.