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Monday, 11 December 2006

Long time no see...

Whoa whoa...I just realised I haven't posted in a long long while. Not like anyone missed me...anyway, forget that. So (what did I really intend to post? ummm.....remembering....)

Aha...Got it! I am here to talk about my latest reunion with my school gang of girls. Mention school friends and you can see me go back to the days of frilly skirts and pigtails. And here we were, all pretty much happy in a chosen career path and looking at the oncoming stage of life.

So here we are all gathered at the Eva Mall at 3 and that's it....no more time to think of the time that just flew as we parted. We are wearing watches, but have lost track of time. Chatting involves recollecting a lots of memories, right from Grade 1 to the last meeting. Wow! That's like 20 YEARS!!! I don't believe it myself. Anyway, the talk turns to bashing a friend for disappearing from the scene for months and worrying us to death.

We not only share the sweet memories but also a few bitter ones (can't help it, they came up) . Can you believe that... in a mall for 4 hours and didn't shop? You better...

Jokes apart, there is one tiny thought that struggles and manages to enter my mind. Will we be able to sustain this bond of friendship even after we are all settled with a family? Or will this bond cease to the form of an acquaintance? I hope not, because the very thought gives me shudders. But then I think, why not? We have already done it for 20 years, we should be able to do it for another 20 and more years. Can't we? Of course, we can.

Amen on that.

Lots to write, but the thoughts escape before I tie them down.

Before I leave, here's wishing Anitha a bright future and a very happy married life.

Till the next time, Ciao!!!


  1. wow!!! your way of writtiN is pretty nice too
    very cool and straight from your heart!
    saw you are a technical writer! thats amazing!!!
    thanks for appreciating my style of writing , am no big writer ... but for a nearly-17 year old i guess i do pretty fine ...hehe ... dont you think so ?... (duh!.. if that din't sound like a old 80s commercial!! hell it did!... silly me)

    anyways keep bloging ....

  2. Long time, no post....