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Sunday, 8 October 2006

Kal Ho Na Ho.....

Just finished watching Kal Ho Na Ho and stumbled across this thought, which was hidden lord-knows-in-which-corner-of my-mind:

"If you want something really good that can make you genuinely and purely happy and you find yourself incapable of achieving it, there is nothing wrong in seeking help to achieve it."

Let it be known that I don't insist on it being right, but I do believe in it.

Do drop in your views.


  1. Anonymous4:36 pm

    got to know what u trying to say... :)

  2. If you want something really good that can make you genuinely and purely happy and you really really want to achieve it you will be able to do it yourself.

  3. You know Jayshree, sometimes you don't always get what you want, how much ever you wish for it.

    It is for such cases I said that there is no harm in seeking help. :)

  4. Life is full of surprises !!!!
    You never know wht'll happen next
    and surprises are not always good...it purely depends on you how you take it
    KAL HO NA HO...is inclined towards...sacrificing a surprise which is very rare...but again...cant be ignored(in reference to the movie) think about it

  5. Kal ho na ho...is all about accepting a surprise and then sacrifising it....
    Life is like that...you never know when things gonna hit you
    The most impt fact is, be ready to face everytin
    who know KAL HO NA HO, keep writing

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  7. I think the first few lines of the song say it all...

    Har ghadi badal rahi hai roop zindagi...
    Chaav hai kahin, kahin hai dhoop zindagi...
    Har Pal Yahan, Jee Bhar Jiyo...
    Jo Hai Sama...
    Kal Ho Na Ho...

  8. Bhavesh5:45 am

    As an aside, what would u do if you want something which is beyond u... beyond all help..beyond the realm of possibility??