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Friday, 29 September 2006

Worthless, yet Worthy, Wonderings of a Waiting Woman

I know this is a rather vague title...but I can't it get it out of my head. It's as if these words have been threatening me, "Put me in your blog or else we'll haunt you for the rest of your life!" Let me clear up things for you...Worthless for you, Worthy for me, Waiting yes...I wrote this when I was waiting for something.... and Woman? Yup! that's me.

Anyway, let me continue with the "wonderings" part here.

Many minor, yet frequent, emotional upheavals in the past few days have made me stop and think about my own Friend Management system. Yeah, weird (and a rather cold) term for a relationship, I know. But, as I keep ranting on and on (two posts!) about "rules" of friendship, now I find myself eating my own words as I nurse an ambition of helping a friend through emotional turmoil. I gotta face it, I Am Lost!!!! :(

Maybe, I could do some soul-searching and, while I do that, ponder over these points:
  • Am I really as good a friend as I think myself to be?
  • Am I worried over friends for nothing?
  • In other words, am I interfering in my friend's life?

Rrrrrrrrrrring...Time up. I am done thinking and these are the really harsh facts I have to face:

  • Everybody doesn't have the same idea of happiness as I do.
  • People find happiness in places/things/ideas that might seem strange to me... and I should let them be.
  • It is really difficult to love someone for what they are and not what you want them to be.

Note that in this last point, I said difficult and not impossible. So, the battle is not lost yet. I still have hope. To win the battle, I need practice. But before that, I need acceptance.

But, the question still remains.....What should I do? On the basis of the above points, I have the following options:

  1. Break all ties with my friend.
  2. Reach out and help. Talk about right and wrong.
  3. Stand aside. Don't interfere. But always be around.

Plan (1) has been trashed immediately. It is the most ridiculous option ever and should not even be included as an option.

Plan (2)...Hmm....worth a consideration. Nah....been there, done that. Doesn't work. Besides, who am I to tell someone about right and wrong when I myself am in the way towards discovering it?

Plan (3), so far, looks like a sound idea. Not offering any insight unless asked for it. Why do I still stick to my friend? Because, believe it or not, my friend needs me. Maybe, not as much as I think (or want), but yes, my friend needs me.

So, as of now, I think I can just entertain myself with this idea, while I share this with my friend. This, my buddy, is entirely dedicated to you!


  1. Bhavesh2:00 pm

    I wonder , why any of your friends did not turn up to give you a pat for this... but its strange that i do just have the same feeling and just no matter whatever it take for me .. i am always accessible for friends when they need me or not.

    As i friend i would not call and interruption in somone life... as a true friendship people invovled in it there are no dark secrets or anything hidden... and i lucky that i have quite few friends like those ... and i can even count the breath they take everday...they are rather my soulmates then a friend.

    Tough we are miles apart today but we still can hear if they even think of something required in their back of their mind and immeidately call them... and they do the same... belive it or not... We have a really strong telepathy system in us.

    I find you as among those breed again... and thats what made me write to you... but still i don't that strong telepathy system with you ... just might require a little bit fine tunning.

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  4. Hey,

    That's a beautiful post. I wont spoil it's worth by saying anything more...just...thanks a ton for being such a wonderful friend...

  5. Pavan1:30 pm

    Hey really cool blog...and i guess anything i say will be less... :)

    I think ur Unsuni Awaaz is heard.

    Now u really need nt have to do a soul searching to find out if ur really a good friend...there is noting called good or bad friend...A friend is a friend...that defines it.

    Abt ur plans u feel plan 3 is a sound idea....but i felt plan 2 was the right choice...Y i feel so

    A friend does not have to hang around and then give help only whn asked for...now u thought of all these things so much u put it here(rem ur instinct told u to do it)...wht u did here is what a friend will do.

    If u feel u can help ur friend thn notin shd stop U frm doing so but u shd also knw whr u need to stop, thts very important. U can even take decisions for ur friend but u shd knw till wht extent.

    Ur instincts shd tell u wht u shd do.

    One last thing i want to tell u is dont ask urself so many questions !!!!

  6. Bhavesh2:54 pm

    Hey i havent left the first post.. thats not my thoughts, neither is that my english...:-)