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Thursday, 6 April 2006

Hi people,
I'm waiting for an interview here. Kinda like my taqdeer ka faisla*. Sitting in an airconditioned office, with wet hair and a splitting headache don't seem to help erase my melancholy and tension. So, I break out into a blog. There is one thing (of many things) that can get me out of a melancholic mood and that is "Hindi Cinema". And the most prominent quality of it rings in my ears now and again as music.

I feel that the quality of Hindi songs lyrics has undergone a tremendous improvement over the last 5-6 years. We have passed the stages of "kuku kuku..." and "tujhko mirchi lagi to main kya karoo"** to stuff like "hum hain naye, andaz kyon ho purana"*** and more lately, "rang de basanti"(Yeah I know, I'm completely ga-ga over RDB). The fact I find the most astonishing is that even the "item numbers" which are known to have (I think, supposed to have) cheap lyrics too have some really heavy, or should I say shayarana, lyrics nowadays. For example, "Maahi ve"(Kaante) and "Kajrare"(B&B).

There's my favourite song. When I'm in my car, I listen to it at least twice. When I heard it first, I was enchanted by the music, but when I listened carefully to the words, I was incurably obsessed with it. I really like the underlying theme of this song. Have you noticed it? A woman (Aish) vying for the older man (Big B), the older man not giving her any bhaav****, and the younger man (Abhishek) vying after the woman and the woman not giving him any bhaav. I don't know why, but it really won over me. When I saw the movie recently, I paid close attention to the scene before this song. There's a story which Amitji tells about his first love. Granted that it is touching, but the old-fashioned music adds to the mood. The fact that it's a part-qawwali just scored itself double points on my HitList. I'm a fan of qawwalis. The teasing, the flirting, the double entendres, all of these and many more things tease my poetic mind.

Well, looks like I gotta get back to work. Looking forward to continuing this conversation.

See you soon!

For the non-Hindi speakers,
*fate's decision
**if you were stung by chilli, what can I do about it? (Sounds more ridiculous when translated in English, doesn't it?)
***We are (of the) new (age), why should our style be old?
****not giving any bhaav means not paying any (special) attention

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  1. Haha...

    I guess I can claim I know your craziness for the 'kajarare' number.

    I'm probably late with the wishes, but hey - better late than never - luck on your interview!

    Keep posting!