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Tuesday, 28 March 2006

I really really wanted to continue with my article on Friendship but I had this brainwave in the bathroom. Oh what's that thudding noise? Ah, I see, it's your jaw. Right, I see you are surprised at my bathroom comment. Well, it's the universal truth, you know. 90% of ideas were generated in bathrooms. The rest in various places like parks and gardens. The last place goes to the workshop where the idea takes shape. Why, the origin of "Eureka!" lies in the bathroom! Ok, I guess that's enough of bathroom comments. As usual, I've strayed from the intended topic to lord-knows-where.

Speaking of the lord, my friends and I had a discussion a few days back on the existence of god and us believing in it. This is a free world and everybody, right from E.coli (if they could think) to Blue whales (Thanks heavens they don't think!) to Us (Why oh Why do we think!), has a right to believe in whatever they want. Thus, came the existence of God. God is defined as the higher power who resides in a place only he/she knows of and takes care of the birth-death cycle.

Every culture has their own definition of God. You must have encountered the question, "Do you believe in God?" at least once in your life. What has your answer been? Have you fumbled and racked your brain for one? I, for one, have.

For some reason, I have been asked this particular question so many times that I have now decided to analyse what I actually think and put it down for me to learn by heart and for the eager to know. Actually speaking, this question does not have a one-word answer. I cannot answer this question in a "Yes" or "No". Still, if you insist, the answer would be yes. Yes, I do believe in God. But, the way I view God is very much different from the way my parents, my peers view God.

Some believe fanatically only the God belonging to the respective religion, some in the overall existence of God, irrespective of religion. Some believe in idol-worship, some believe in the shapeless yet powerful form of it. Some believe in God as a lover, some as the lord/master, some as a teacher, and some as a friend.

I believe in God as a friend. For me, God is a friend who listens to me, gives me the most enigmatic solutions, lends me a shoulder to cry on, yet expects nothing from me. I don't have to keep in constant contact with him, because God always is in contact with me. He is everywhere. The most astonishing thing about God is that he/she is not as powerful as we think. He is bound by destiny and time. Majorly, time. That is whole base of my belief in God. I don't belive in God because God can do anything. I believe in God because there are some things he/she cannot do and that is what is real and most importantly, believable.

This world is nothing if not full of miracles. If reality makes life believable, the event of miracles makes it interesting to live in. The gift of time is the greatest gift of God. Yet God is bound by it. He cannot take back your experiences, but he will help you learn from it. He will not tell you your future, but he lay down clues and give you hints to be prepared for it. When you ask for something, there are three ways in which your wish could be granted:
  1. He listens to you and gives you exactly what you want then and there.
  2. He listens to you. But he will not give you what you want. What he gives may be unexpected but better than what you asked for.
  3. He doesn't give you what you want because he knows that you really don't need it or you already have it.

Maybe, I was wrong when I said that God doesn't expect anything from you. All God expects from you is a little bit of trust. It is not very hard to give, but yet the hardest thing to do. Yes, I know I didn't make much sense here. But think over it. I'm sure it start getting clearer over passage of time.

That's all from me now. I want to sign off with a random thought of mine, something which I have been bursting to tell:

"If you happen to believe in something that only you believe in and know that the whole world believes the opposite, think twice before you make your belief permanent. You may be gifted with Divine Sight, but the rest of the world is not blind."

See you soon. Do let me know what you think.


  1. Hey,

    First things first - the last line was mind blowing!! It made absolute sense!

    Second - I'm not really sure about the time constraint on GOD. To be more precise, I haven't given that a thought. I'll need more time on that.

    Third - This has been my answer so far, I believe in GOD not for asking him for favors or luck or to even just thank him, but yes I do believe there are times when you find yourself failing in words to express how u feel or think, I believe those are times I've felt his presence most - times when I can share myself unbound.

  2. Nicely written. :)

    According to me, God does exist. And I can prove it.

    When you are in need of something, close your eyes and wish for it thinking about God. When you don't get what you are looking for and get screwed instead, you know God exists. Hehe.

  3. Oh God, ( pun unintended) that's so true, especially the last sentence...
    Yes, the concept of God is a much discussed one, something which has lead to a lot of bloodshed as we all know...
    I believe that the concept of God is very personal. You can't define God by maths equations and the like, something like pain, I guess...

  4. Anonymous12:58 am

    You have mentioned about three ways in which God grants your wishes, have you ever thought of a fourth way in which you pray to God for whatever you want but he (can be a she also, no offence) does not grant you your wish because he feels that you are not "worth" the thing that you have asked for or may be you ask for something but he feels that it is not the right time for you so he waits for the right time. And have you ever thought of the concept about your deeds, your actions, your "karma" to be the decider of your fate and your destiny. I feel that God is constrained by your actions and your karma more than time. If your karma is good no matter how late in life is it, God will do wonders for you. God tests you everyday and every second of your lifetime. When something bad happens to you you curse him, many times even I have sometimes I even say there is no God its just a manmade theory to console ourselves in the time of crisis, but I feel that is the time when he checks on us. Sorry if it clashes with your concept in any way, but this is what I feel.

  5. Hi "Anonymous"(I hope you are the same one),

    I completely agree with you. These points must have slipped mymind when I published this blog.
    It doesn't really clash with my concept. Just takes a different path. The concept of God in everybody's mind is so varied that you tend to take help from all the ideas that come across you and add it to your picture of what God is.

    It's a really vast topic altogether.

    Thanks for posting your comment. I hope you will keep doing so.