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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Oh No!

For about years now I have relied on Yahoo's Briefcase functionality. For me, it was the web version of the Flash Drive. I had my first and only fanfic stored on it, whole and chapter-wise (15 chapters, coll, isn't it?).
And now, Yahoo announces that the Briefcase functionality is closing down. Noooooo!!! Why???? It was uuuuusefuuulllll!!!!

Ok. I am done lamenting. Does any expert out there know the reason behind this? Did this really not work for Yahoo? And was I the only person using it?

For those who haven't checked their Yahoo Mail yet, Yahoo is closing its Briefcase from March 30, 2009 onwards. If you haven't cleared it up yet by downloading or deleting your files, please do so by March 30, after which the files will be cleared anyway.

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