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Saturday, 6 December 2008

Here a Check, There a Check, Everywhere a Check Check

What is so great about being an Indian that Indian people have to be so short with security checks? Doesn't anyone understand that this is for our own good? After all that has happened, there still some...people... who have no patience with security checks. Look who's speaking. These are the same people who will curse the security system and the law enforcement forces for being lax when something untoward happens. These are the same people who will not throw waste on the streets of USA or Singapore but will not think twice before doing the same in Mumbai. The same again who will desperately look for a urinal while in USA, but will not looking before peeing on free wall while in India. Hmph! Why? I want to address such people and ask them, "What makes you so special that you have to be exempted from security checks?" Even the most influential of the people have to be checked thoroughly before being let into any public place.

Haven't we learned anything from all this? We are all talking about joining hands against terrorism. Then why aren't we doing anything? Every big venture begins with baby steps. We have to really help our system because we build it. It is by us and for us. If we are strict in our principles, if we follow the traffic rules properly and not have the traffic police babysit us all the time, they would be able to concentrate on the more important aspects and the more serious aspects of law enforcement. If we don't frown at security checks and let them follow their processes, we might be able to prevent huge disasters. If we are alert on the streets and help the police instead of interfering in their work, it would be much easier on the system to help and it would be an incentive. Why does the system need an incentive you ask? You tell me, would you do anything... even your civic duty... without looking for an incentive? No. Then why should the system do anything for you? You be an ideal citizen, the system will become an ideal one.

Next question. How does only one achieve this? Well who says only one has to do this? Can't everyone do this at a time? It makes me so happy when I see that I am not the only one who puts waste paper in my bag if I don't find a bin around.

Just little more awareness and bit of initial inconvenience, we can go miles ahead in combating not just terrorism but so many more problems.

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