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Thursday, 5 June 2008

In Times of Stress

Someone once very wisely said: It is in the times of stress that you get to see someone's true colors. Or something like that. Words aside, let us get into the meaning conveyed here. True, don't you think?

And if you want to see the higher levels of stress, travel in any packed vehicle during the peak hours, you will know. Stress levels in the same time duration rise to ridiculously high levels when the said vehicle breaks down. All you can think of at that time is "Frowns and Curses Everywhere, Not a Smile to Crack".

Some people rise to the occasion and take the onus of being the Little Miss Sunshine of the crowd. They make jokes, really silly ones sometimes, they start conversations and keep them light. It really is a tedious job. Someone also said: Comedy is not a joke. True. As true as it can be.

There are some more people who manage to keep the atmosphere around just by their mere presence. They may not be very great to look at, but the vibes they exude just simmer like sunshine. They talk like they want, not bothering of what people think (Their say would be: Hey it's my business what I talk, not for someone to judge); they dress like they want and they just make you smile at their...er...carefree nature.

Mind you, these are real people I am talking about. People I meet day in and day out.

I salute these people who manage to keep the cheer in their heart in times of stress... which means all the time actually.

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  1. Kudos to them! It's one hell of a task, I agree :)!