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Thursday, 19 June 2008

Ego Issues

Enter. The scene. A ladies compartment, not crammed, just filled. Enough place for a poor vendor to walk around selling her goodies, like clips, bands, earrings, anklets and so on. Obviously she has to walk around. Not to mention the petite little woman was seven months along in her pregnancy. At the such a time, two women block her way and do not let go across. They insist that she get down and come from outside. Why? Because "she has already gone up and down so many times, and it is not comfortable". Not comfortable? The ladies were sitting and they were going to get off the train and sit in their work place every now and then. But this vendor has to do this walking up and down and across proabably all throughout the day.

What is the point in fighting, pettily if I might add, for the little bit of comfort at the cost of someone's day's earnings? How insensitive can someone get? This woman cannot go up and down and that is why she is going across the compartment from inside. It is only her poverty that has made her take this step of going from one train to another selling these minor goodies at such a condition. What really was the point in arguing with her? Did that comfort matter so much that this lady had to actually fight with her? Who lost her respect in that petty argument? The passenger or the vendor? The passenger of course.

The vendor got off and this ensued a debate-argument between this lady and another passenger defending the vendor. I was in the side that defended the vendor. I could clearly see the prosecution was immature. Cuz her argument was "She was going up and down three times. If she wants to sell in some other compartment she should enter through its door, not the aisle connecting it" I was like, "Hello? Isn't that what an aisle is meant for? To go between two doors? Not for resting your feet as you were doing." The final argument? "This is just not right." Oh yeah... very mature.


  1. Nice reading!!

    You know, some people don't know why they r messing with, they mess people just for fun. That's the way they feel proud! Yeah, they I kill for fun!

    God save them!!

  2. @roy:

    Yeah... some people just do it for no reason at all.

    I apologise for the delayed reponse and thanks for dropping in. I hope to see more of you.