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Friday, 2 May 2008

Only Sometimes.....

Golden Jubilee!!

On the occasion of my 50th post in this blog, I would like to say something. And what I want to say has been said perfectly in this song.

Milti hai zindagi me mohabbat kabhi kabhi
Hoti hai dilbaron ki inayat kabhi kabhi

Sharma ke muh na pher nazar ke sawaal par
Laati hai aise mod pe kismat kabhi kabhi
Milti hai... ||1||

Khulte nahi hai roz dareeke bahaar ke
Aati hai jaaneman ye qayamat kabhi kabhi
Milti hai... ||2||

Tanha na kat sakenge jawaani ke raaste
Pesh ayegi kisi ki zarurat kabhi kabhi
Milti hai...||3||

Phir kho na jaye hum kahi duniya ki bheed me
Milti hai paas aane ki mohalat kabhi kabhi
Milti hai...||4||

For Meaning...

Only sometimes do you find love in your life,
Only sometimes does life shower kindness on seekers of love

Don't shy away from the questions in my eyes,
only sometimes does life present you on such a turn of life

The doors to heavenly bliss do not open everyday,
Only sometimes does such a rare event occur

The life of youth cannot be spent in solitude,
there will be times when you will need a companion

There will be a time when we'll be lost in the crowds
Only sometimes do we get a chance to come closer to each other


  1. Sagar5:10 pm

    Congrats.Pl keep up the blog alive.

  2. Yippee!! Congratulations!