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Friday, 23 May 2008

Umar Pachpan Ki, Dil Bachpan Ka >:-(

Mumbai is a very busy city. So I have heard, and it's true. People bustling about here and there, rushing about. The advantage: respect for reach other's time and the consequent efficiency in life. The disadvantage: frustration and the consequent stupidity and childishness. How do I say so? Take a look at what I came across while on the way home.

So the bus stops and everyone boards it in a hurry - pushing up the slow boarder, pushing away the people following. I get in too (without any scratches or bites) and see two men - actually one man and one boy - argue over something really trivial.

What happened is the boy and his friend were separated in the rush and this one got in the bus before his friend and wanted to sit with him. As a result, he did what anyone in his situation would have done: caught a place for his friend. A man came in and sat in the place reserved for his friend. This boy politely told him that this place is reserved for his friend. Now note that this man is in his late forties. He could have maturedly moved away and sat in some other place. The bus was reasonable empty. He could have somewhere else comfortably. But no... he wants to sit in that place (personally i think, because he was forbidden not to) and he did, rather stubbornly if I may say so. Moreover, he even argued with this guy telling that there is nothing like reserving a seat in a city bus. Agreed, Mr Grouchy. But was there a need to point out this technicality? I don't think so. So a boy wants to sit with his friend. Anything wrong with that? I think not. Bet you have done things like that before.

Now, my point is how immature was it for such a grown man to behave in such a manner. Don't you think it as childish? Did he really feel good about fighting over a petty thing like that?

The boy was not very mature either. He could have gone and sat next to his friend too. But ego surfaces here on both the sides. The man thinks, why should I listen to a boy half my age, who is he to order me? The boy thinks, why should I get up from here.. I caught the seat first.

Trust me people, self respect is another thing, this is plain ego and that is not going to help. Choose what you want, and at what cost. Are you willing to throw away your self respect and throw tantrums? Or would you rather act dignified and earn your respect?

Bet what you the reader is thinking. What did I gain by writing about a petty matter like this and making a huge fuss about this. Well, I wouldn't say it is a huge thing. It is not. It is a very small thing, it is these thing that matter. In the world today where there is so much frustration just waiting to burst out, what we need is conversion of energy: From negative to positive or from frowns to smiles.

Dil mein bachpan zinda rakhna ho to bachpan ki muskurahatein rakho, bachpan ki nadaaniyan nahi.

Another mindless rambling done, you can please go on with your work.

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