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Friday, 14 March 2008

Latin? Dead? Not for me!!!

Lately I have been very fascinated towards the famous dead language, Latin. One reason being my craze for the Harry Potter Universe. For the uninitiated, the Harry Potter universe is a universe of magic where all the spells are known to created ages ago. Ages ago, the only language available was Latin. Let me give you an example

Lumos: Lighting spell. Remember all the words related light such as Luminous, Illumination, and so on? So is it any surprise that uttering the spell Lumos will provide light.

Moving away from fantasy to fact, here are a few Latin phrases that have captured my attention lately:

Carpe Diem: "Sieze the Day"
Docendo discimus: "By teaching, We learn"
Dum spiro spero: "While I breathe, I hope."
Ex astris, scientia: "Knowledge comes from the stars."
Experto crede: "Believe one who has had experience." Also loosely translated as, "trust me", "trust the expert", "Have faith in experience".
Mea Culpa: "My fault"

I guess this is it...for now

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  1. Arrey Waah!! Latin and all! Neat!