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Monday, 3 September 2007

I Am Here

This song has been echoing in my head and banging on the walls of my head for translation. I haven't written the original song here. That is easy for you to guess. This is after all the most amatuerish translation: (Brownie points for guessing the right song)

My love, look at me, as all the distances vanish,
I am right here
Now what do limits and obstacles mean to us (when)
I am right here

I am the secret you cannot hide
I am the style you cannot forget
Why does it surprise you when I echo in your heart?
When I am, after all, the voice of your very own heart
Listen carefully and you will know (that)
I am right here

I, and only I, reside your thoughts
I reside in your answers and your questions
I am in every dream of yours
and I am in every sparkle of your eyes
You will see me wherever you look
I am right here


  1. My hindi will always SUCK!

    So... which was this again?!!

  2. Is it 'Main Hoon Na?!!'

  3. is this song from veer-zaara?

  4. @angela: Yes it is!! But which one?

  5. Angela9:29 pm

    Main Yaahan Hoon!!!

    I just saw the movie (twice in one day!!!) That song I couldn't get out of my head and googled and found you...OMGosh, made my day...Thanks!
    Did you love the movie too? I just saw OM Shanti Om, very good, cute, but I liked this story better. Can you recommend more? I'm from Canada only recently discovered these beautiful Bollywood films. I've seen Devdas (Dola Re Dola was superb), Dil Se (Chaiyya Chaiyya!!!) and I have someone trying to find Mughal E-Azam for me....
    Ay, glad I found this blog, you really made my day!!

  6. angela9:48 pm

    Oh, and I saw Taal, the music was beautiful, but I felt the story overall was over-rated (shopclerk told me it was the best movie ever). Oh, and I saw Dhoom also, different, but good. And I saw Mohabettein (sp???), it was pretty good, I liked Uday's character.

  7. hi (again!) okay, and today I just finished watching "Hum Dil De Chuke Sanam". If you could mention some others that I missed....oh, and I saw the one with Priety and Shahrukh "Kal Ho Naa Ho", I forgot about that one....perhaps this isn't the correct place to ask....I'm sorry, I don't know Blogger etiquitte, I'm a first timer :)

  8. oh, and also (I'm so sorry)...but do you know which movie this song is from?? Do you know it?


    Its so beautiful...again, perhaps my asking you this on this forum is inappropriate....but I didn't see an email address, and I am so happy that I came across your webpage(?). Anyhow, this is the last time I bother you...tonight!:)

  9. @angela:

    Wow, you seem to be on a roll of watching Hindi movies. Welcome to the world.

    It is really a good song (the Youtube link that you sent).

    I see that you have watched a max of romantic films. So I'd recommend Jo Jeeta Wohi Sikandar, Kabhi Kabhi, Main Hoon Na.... Ummm... That is all I could name on the top of my head.

  10. Thank You!
    You have a very beautiful page btw. Your latest blog was very poetic.
    Thank you again, Ang

  11. Hi!
    You still here? I saw KhabiKhabi, Main Hoon Na and a whole slew more... I wanna see the new Hritik/Ash movie coming out. And can you think of any other movies with Abhishek? I've seen Dhoom and Guru and Khabi Alvida... and Bunty aur Babli (I like him) or anything else...thanks, and Keep up the blog, you really sound wonderful, very creative(or am I making you shy? I'm sorry, I just think you are great.) okay bye..Ang P.S. Did you see Mughal e-Azam? I havent seen it yet, only on you tube (hahaha) okay bye. ohhhh I almost forgot, did you see Paheli??? I really want to see it, is it good? Okay bye. Thanks too.