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Tuesday, 21 August 2007

Woh Ek Mulaqat

This is dedicated to my fiance after a very special date:

Woh ek mulaqat dil chura gayi,
woh ek mulaqat chain chura gayi.
Bhatak rahe the hum zindagi ke viraane mein,
woh ek mulaqat humein kaaravan dikha gayi


  1. Congrats and Luck!

  2. These lines made me believe that "Shayari" can be very touching. It touched my soul. It will remain close to my heart till the time its beating.

    Welcome to my life.

  3. Thanx fr promptly returning the favor..however, that ws not the primary intention @ the time of writing that comment! jst happend to visit ur blog..and found those couplets really beautiful... keep up the good work.