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Tuesday, 1 August 2006

Finally I am back with another edition of the Friendship Express. I know you are thinking, geez, is there nothing else that this blogger can write about? My Answer - No. Not really, I mean if you insist that I tell you then there is only one more topic I'd rather talk about and that is.....yup that's right....Harry Potter. But right now, I can see my friends who are reading this blog groaning "Oh no, not again!" If you want to read about Harry Potter, you can explore many more better editorials, you'd rather not read what I write.

So...where was I? Ah, yes...Friendship. So many examples, so many moments and so less words to express them. You have friends in school, in college, in your workplace, in your neighborhood, within your relatives, so on and so forth.

Recently one of my closest friends, who I had long lost touch with, called me up. Somewhere during our conversation, I asked her, "So my dear darling! What's in your marriage plans?" She replied,"I am getting married." There was a moment of silence after which she continued,"I think you are shocked." Of course I was.

Later contemplation did make me question myself, why was I shocked? Don't you get it? This was a phase where all of us were likely lose touch with each other and get entirely involved in our personal and professional lives. Gone are the days when we used to talk about Science projects, Hindi homework, Maths classwork. Also gone are the days when we used to talk about college holidays being too less, companies not coming for placements. These days the topics that govern the conversations are companies that hiring, job openings etc etc. Where has the time gone?

A few days later, all of us met for a Girls' Evening Out. Purely for girls and full of girltalk. And D-Day of my friend's wedding....Oh my God! She was the prettiest bride I had ever seen and I was completely overwhelmed. My face had begun hurting from smiling too much and my eyes were blurred with happy tears. The added bonus to all this was the fact that we had this golden chance to meet up with all the teachers from school.

Can you imagine the happiness, the joy, the bliss that each of us were filled with when we met our teachers who have known us from our childhood? The very teachers who have always known who was the person who always submitted her classwork late? And who was the gentlest student in the class?

Much more than our bliss is, according to me, the satisfaction the teachers must have felt on seeing all of us, all grown up and in successful phases of life. This must be the only time I didn't go to a wedding reception just to eat. It was all about meeting teachers, blushing on their compliments bordering around, "oh my! how much have you grown?" and planning the next meeting.

I know this is probably not what my friends have expected me to write. But right now, words, my faithful pals, are running away from me. Too bad.


  1. Hey,

    That's so cool!! I can imagine that everlasting grin on your face on meeting so many people from your childhood days!

    Until next time...

    Write on!

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