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Tuesday, 16 May 2006

Hi people, It's scorchingly hot and I am sitting in an air-conditioned office, blowing my nose into my hanky. Why? Ironically enough, I have caught a cold in one of the hottest months of the year, May. Talk about irony here.

Just thought to drop in, since I haven't posted a blog in such a long time. As usual, I haven't an inkling on what am I supposed to be posting about.

Fine, I've thought and thought, and I have come to this. How about a small poem?

"Din toh dhal chuka hai, ummeedein abhi tak nahi dhali,
sapnon ki subah aane do, chatkegi gulshan ki kali kali."

For non-Hindi speakers, the above two lines roughly mean:

The day has set, but my hopes haven't yet,
let the dawn of dreams come by, every bud in the garden will bloom.



  1. well this is a case with anyone ...u not out of it ...

  2. Bhavesh12:37 pm

    Wouldnt khilegi be better than chatkegi ??

  3. Karthik6:13 pm

    Gud one.....n so true....