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Friday, 20 January 2006

"It's very difficult to accept who you are."

Quote by my friend. The same one who has got fed up nagging me on and on about posting a
blog. Well, I certainly do agree with her(about the quote and the nagging).

Everybody has their reasons for writing a blog. My reason here, for writing a blog, is self-exploration. I know that self-exploration, is a pretty heavy word, but it's true. I've many questions in my head; some common, some strange. Sometimes, it happens to most of us when a thought crosses our mind. We tend to think, "Am I the only one who thinks so, or is there at least one more person who has had this thought crossing the mind?" Later, when somebody elses mentions the same thought that we've had, we almost jump with joy and say, "You think the same thing too? Thank God, I thought I was the only one!"

Now where am I going with this common but unnoticed part of our life? The thoughts in my head - all of them- always lead me to the same set of questions:

Why do I think like this?
Why should someone agree with what I say?
Why should someone disagree with what I say? etc etc

These thoughts, if occur too many times, can be very injurious to your mental health. That's
why I trouble the Net public to help me with my thoughts. You can help me form a opinion of my own, and stay firm on it. So, baa adab baa mulahiza, hoshiyaar*, Here I come!!!

Note: I'm new to this medium of communication. So, if anybody is offended with what I print, I'm sorry, for that is not and has never been my intention at all.

*means "With respect, please pay attention"

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